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Stroll Along Surfside Beach

Posted by: MediaConnect
31 Mar
Stroll Along Surfside Beach

Kick off your shoes and stroll along the pristine white sands just a short walk from our Miami boutique hotel. You can't say you really experienced Miami until you've taken a sunset walk along the coast. Whether you are looking for water sports, family fun, or a romantic stroll along the sand, Surfside Beach is just what you need to put you in that mellow Miami mood.  

Change into your swimsuit in one of our luxurious boutique rooms and pack a bag for an afternoon along Surfside Beach. You can lay out on the sand or take a dip in the clear blue waters. As you take your stroll, keep an eye out for Art Deco architecture that the area is known for. Go for a shopping spree at dozens of stores from upscale fashion retailers to local boutiques.

When you're ready to taste the famous cuisine of Miami, you have excellent choices along Surfside Beach. At the top of the list is Flanigan's Seafood Bar & Grill, just two blocks from the beach and half a mile from our hotel. You can feast on fresh fish like tuna and salmon or nibble on appetizers like chicken wings, chowders, and sweet potato fries.

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