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Miami Marlins vs. Atlanta Braves

Posted by: MediaConnect
24 Jun
Miami Marlins vs. Atlanta Braves at Bay Harbor Islands Hotel
Watching sports? A great way to spend an afternoon or evening. Watching baseball? A great way to spend an evening with a touch of pure American nostalgia. Watching a game with an emerging baseball rivalry? Add excitement. Doing all this at Marlins Stadium? Add nice weather, relatively affordable prices, and even fish tanks built into the walls. At as little as $9 per ticket, there really isn't a better to spend a few hours. Marlin's Stadium is a very new baseball venue, with classic food options as well as (perhaps ironically) sushi and kosher options, and of course, Cuban sandwiches. From July 8-10, starting at 7:10pm, the Marlins and Braves will battle to get ahead in the National League East.
Marlins baseball has had some rough years recently, but with a beautiful new stadium and new leadership, they are trying to turn the team around. They're certainly the underdog team, and the atmosphere is laid back with genuinely enthusiastic fans. Though the rivalry may be somewhat one-sided, or perhaps because the rivalry is somewhat one-sided, the game is truly one to cheer for. The Braves have a long winning tradition, with the "bandwagon fans" to match, while the Marlins are much less known, less successful, and less regarded. With the baseball payment system, this positive feedback loop means that as the Braves become more successful, it's easier for them to pay their team more and improve, while the Marlins fall farther behind. It is precisely this structure which causes many people to shift their support to teams like the Marlins, and put a truly unique passion into those teams. So drink a beer, eat a sandwich, and watch a laid back yet exciting game of baseball.
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