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Looking for the best in contemporary art? Check out MOCA Miami!

Posted by: MediaConnect
31 Jul
Looking for the best in contemporary art? Check out MOCA Miami!

There's no doubt Miami is an art mecca.  Miami is of course home to the internationally renowned Miami Biennale- offering the best in contemporary art.  If you missed it this year, worry not.  Just a 10 minute drive over the Broad Causeway bridge is The Museum of Contemporary Art Miami, or better known as MOCA Miami.  This integral Miami cultural institution strives to make contemporary art accessible to diverse audiences through their permanent collection and their renowned exhibitions. 


The museum got its very first start as a single gallery space known as the Center of Contemporary Art in 1981.  Having taken on an expansion in 1996 the museum now rests at its current location in the heart of North Miami.  The museum acts as a place for discovering new artists, meditating on the works on contemporary visionaries, and learning about our shared cultural horizons.  The permanent collection numbers nearly 600 works from artists as diverse as Dan Flavin, Louise Nevelson, Jose Bedia, Mariko Mori, amongst many others. 


While their permanent collection is impressive, their exhibitions are truly eye catching.  With 8 to 10 different exhibitions annually, there's always something new every time you come.  Currently on view is the show titled Intersectionality.  This exhibition features artists primarily from South Florida and focuses on issues surrounding, what critical theorists have titled, intersectionality- the ways in which institutions are interconnected and thus cannot be separated from one another.  What this show highlights is integration and how various integrated forces coalesce together within various social contexts. 

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