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The Fascinating History of Bal Harbour

Posted by: MediaConnect
12 Feb
The Fascinating History of Bal Harbour

Our lovely neighborhood might be most famous for beautiful beaches and Bal Harbour Shops, a world-class experience that's worth exploring several times over. But if you dig a little deeper, you'll discover a fascinating history just below the surface. Find out how this tiny tip of a barrier island transformed into one of Miami's marquee villages.

Surprisingly, the neighborhood dates back to the 1920s and 30s when the first plans were laid out for the design of the village. World War II put everything on hold, and the neighborhood was leased to the United States for a military training camp.

Originally, the name of the area was going to be Bay Harbour, however, local officials decided that they wanted something more unique to highlight the spectacular location along the water. A new name, Bal Harbour, was created to incorporate the geography of the village that stretched from the bay ("B) to the Atlantic Ocean ("A" and "L").

Before million-dollar yachts bobbed in the marina, the waterfront was swampland. They undertook a massive project to fill in the marsh and the village incorporated in 1946. Soon afterwards, the first hotels started popping up along the coast. The neighborhood was transformed forever when the Bal Harbour Shops opened in 1965. In recent decades, Bal Harbour has undergone even more upscale development that has added even more appeal to this luxe destination. Come stay at our boutique hotel and find out what makes Bal Harbour so special!

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