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See and Be Seen at Miami's Hottest Gyms and Fitness Centers

Posted by: MediaConnect
13 Jan
See and Be Seen at Miami's Hottest Gyms and Fitness Centers

Are you ready to see and be seen? No, we're not talking about Miami's intoxicating nightlife scene. It's time to work up a sweat at the city's hottest gyms. Miami is obsessed with looking good, and it's not a big surprise to spot celebrities jogging right alongside you or seeing a supermodel pedaling away on a high-end exercise bike. If you want to keep those abs tight, do like the locals do and head to a nearby gym. 

At our boutique hotel, we have an easy way for you to plug into the celebrated gym scene. With our Urban Pass program, you receive access to two of Miami's most sought after places to work out: La Fitness and Harbor Fitness. Both offer personal training sessions, so you can shape up with the help of a professional, just like the local celebrities.

LA Fitness
Located just a quick drive from out hotel, you can shape up in style at this popular gym. Hop on the cycling equipment to pretend you're competing in the Tour de France. Test your dribbling skills on the basketball court or swim a few laps in the indoor pool. After your vigorous workout, you can relax in the sauna or whirlpool.

Harbor Fitness
Right around the corner from our hotel, this intimate gym specializes in personal training. You can take classes in everything from belly dancing to boxing aerobics. No matter what you choose, your heart is sure to be pumping fast at this Miami favorite.

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