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Sea Kayak and Snorkel Adventure

Posted by: MediaConnect
02 Jul
Sea Kayak and Snorkel Adventure at Florida Hotel
Under the sea really is a whole new world. At Key Biscane, just 20 minutes from Miami, snorkel and whitewater kayak while you explore one of the world's most remarkably unique, rare, and fragile ecosystems, a fossilized reef. There are only a couple such reefs known in the world, and this one is thought to be formed 1,500 years ago by petrified black mangroves. Every day starting at 9:30am, Sea Kayak & Snorkel Adventure tours depart from the Crandon Park Visitors and Nature Center, and attendees spend four hours watching incredible wildlife while doing some of the coolest ocean activities. On the tour, you'll see tropical fish, spotted eagle rays, sea stars, and coastal birds. If you're lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a nurse shark!
As you see sites you may have only seen on TV, or which you may never have even imagined, you'll also learn all about the area, its history, its ecosystem, and its future. The Nature Center is a nonprofit organization which is dedicated to education encouraging citizen participation in the protection of the environment. All equipment, from paddles to goggles, is provided on the tour, so you don't need to worry about having a wetsuit. Ticket price is $70, and you can make reservations at 305-365-3018. Be sure to bring lots of water (they recommend two quarts per person), as well as sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, a change of clothes, a towel and some snacks! Wear closed-toe shoes and meet at the Visitors & Nature Center (North Beach Parking Lot #2) at Cranston Park, Key Biscane.
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