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Live Like a Miamian With Tips from our Boutique Hotel Staff

Posted by: MediaConnect
19 Jan
Live Like a Miamian With Tips from our Boutique Hotel Staff

Do you like to travel like a local when you visit a new city? Miami is known for its unique cultural, style and food, and it offers an experience unlike anywhere else in the US. When you stay at our boutique hotel, you can learn a few secrets on how to blend in like a true Miamian so you can find the real city.

Our friendly staff is known for their courteous service to make your stay a first-class hotel experience. However, they also have a few other skills up their sleeves. Many of our hospitality team is longtime natives of Miami, so they have an inside knowledge of what it's like to be a real Miamian. They can offer advice on how to dress up for a night on the town or what words you should learn to help master the art of Spanglish.  

The city's culinary culture offers an array of Cuban delicacies including the famous sandwiches and the strong and sweet Cuban coffee. Our staff can help you master how and what to order to have an unforgettable taste of Miami. And with so many beautiful beaches and people, you need to look sharp whether you are on the boardwalk or out for a bike ride. Take a few moments to chat with our staff, before heading out on the town to enjoy a whole new way of visiting Miami.

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