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Hurricane Season Florida Travel

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05 Oct
Hurricane Season Florida Travel

Just because it is hurricane season doesn't mean you have to stay home. Check out these hurricane season Florida travel tips, and make the most of your stay in Miami.

• Know the dates. Hurricane season Florida dates are June 1 through November 30.

• Book flexible tickets. Pay a little more for flights that are easy to change or cancel if you need to. If a hurricane pops up, it won't be a big deal for you to move your vacation forward a few weeks.

• Buy travel insurance. Travel insurance is always a good idea, but especially so during hurricane season. Most companies stipulate that you must purchase your policy before the hurricane has been named.

• Check out storm tracking websites and apps. Hurricane Hound lets you track storms and weather patterns on your phone or tablet. You can also visit the Red Cross website, or download the Red Cross Hurricane app.

• Bring cards and board games. Even outside of hurricane season, Florida has its fair share of rainy days. You should always be prepared to spend a few hours inside. Bring a fun new board game and deck of cards. During a hurricane, you may not have Internet service.

• Chill out. The chances of being caught in a hurricane, even during hurricane season, are rare. Stay informed but expect sunny skies.

• Rebook your hotel. When you stay at our Miami hotel, you can take advantage of our flexible rebooking policy for weather-related travel drama. So easy!

Do you have questions about our hotel, or about fun things to do in Miami with family? Please contact us at 1 (305) 868-4141 for more information and to book your reservations today.

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